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Our Mission

At Musiglots (musi{cian} + {poly}glots), our experienced music and language professionals put your child's educational experience first. We are proud to provide a high quality comprehensive pre-instrumental music education experience, embedded in enjoyable and immersive cultural activities to prepare your child for a global future. Our goal is to share the joy of music in all it's forms, and connect to the world through sharing of language, folk music, unique cultural experiences, and of course the universal language that is music.

Experience and Expertise

With years of experience, our music educators provide a thorough foundation in the basics of music: pitch, rhythm, and the development of audiation, also known as the ability to think in sound, or inner hearing. Our approach is aligned with the proven Kodaly philosophy, and includes music of the Classical Greats, along with folk songs in English and the target languages of choice. Your child will simultaneously receive exposure to music from Australia and other cultures, participating in selected cultural experiences and stories, in addition to acquiring the skills to meet, greet, and use basic expressions in the target language. We promote an understanding and appreciation of many cultures in our global environment, while our little Musiglots benefit from the developmental advantages of learning to think in musical patterns and to appreciate the value of being able to express themselves in a different way with cultures other than their native identity. Our teachers have studied in such diverse institutions as Sydney University, Macquarie University, International House, Kodaly Music Education Institute of Australia, Goethe Institut, the University of New England, Alliance Francais and the Sydney Conservatorium of Music.

Preparation for Future Learning and Beyond

Not only will our classes provide a comprehensive pre-instrumental preparation for your child to excel in their music education prior to experiencing the technical issues of learning that particular instrument, it is also an ideal starting point for children that intend to enjoy and understand the music in their surrounding environment, or in a choral or vocal situation. Learning a foreign language has been shown to increase creativity, flexibility of mind, and critical thinking skills.* Additionally, children who learn music from an early age have more developed listening and motor skills, are more likely to excel academically, and learn the benefits of persistence in achieving a goal. They also learn to read social cues, such as when to sing or play their instrument.** At Musiglots, both music and language education are delivered in a manner in which both disciplines scaffold each other, supporting the development of the benefits of each simultaneously, thereby enhancing the effectiveness of both.

* http://msue.anr.msu.edu/news/advantages_of_a_bilingual_brain

** http://www.schoolatoz.nsw.edu.au/homework-and-study/other-subjects-and-projects/the-arts/why-your-child-should-study-music

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